RMS Developments

RMS Developments Inc.

RMS Developments Inc. plays an integral role in the purchase and development of real-estate on behalf of the group. Our company not only purchases the development land or buildings, but also completes the project planning and due diligence in conjunction with Royal Management Services Inc.

Our projects include shopping centers, apartment buildings, industrial warehouses and land holdings, all of which are developed for long term use.

Our in-depth knowledge and experience with municipalities and their various processes provides our clients with invaluable experience to move their projects forward.

We have been highly successful in the development and implementation of our purchase/lease back program.

From build and lease-back opportunities through to joint ventures, we approach each project with sustainability and profitability as the benchmark for success.

We have played an integral role in the construction and development of over two million square feet of commercial industrial construction and the servicing of hundreds of acres of land across Western Canada.

We are constantly looking for new and unique opportunities throughout western Canada and would be happy to discuss your real estate needs.

RMS Group Services

Did you know?

  • Capital Regional Housing is a Joint Venture Partner with the RMS Group, Pine Creek Manor is home to 174 families; of which 35 are subsidized. This innovative partnership is the first of its kind in Alberta, which allows for the integration of affordable rental units into a market housing development project.

Purchase/Lease Back Program

With over 20 years of experience in the purchase/lease back program throughout Alberta, RMS has the capacity and experience to purchase land for purpose-built buildings in various fields.

With development land at a premium in today’s market, this program is often an economical and creative solution for growing businesses looking to expand or relocate. For additional information on this option, please contact us.

Predevelopment/Due Diligence

Proper project site assessment including data collection and interpretation can often take the risk out of many real estate projects. Predevelopment due diligence is a very critical part of the process in developing a new project.

  • Established tenant interest
  • Marketing program
  • Environmental/Geotechnical reporting
  • Real Property Report
  • Zoning
  • Establish access
  • Development Permit
  • Municipal servicing issues
  • Utility companies
  • Encroachment agreements/easements
  • Establish proforma/budgeting
  • Project schedule (seasonal)
  • Financing availability

Project Planning

RMS has built effective and professional working relationships with various consultants and municipal departments that are essential in moving projects through the development process.

Leveraging these relationships with architects, engineers, development officers, etc. is a competitive advantage we can offer to our clients. Our expertise in working through the planning process is a great asset to ensure the smooth transition of any project from conception to construction.