Royal Management Services

Royal Management Services Inc.

Royal Management Services Inc. supplies the day to day management activities for the Group, including all administration responsibilities.

All property management for the Group is handled by Royal Management Services Inc. Our customized property management system allows us to fully control our projects with the assistance of our on site management team.

At Royal Management we offer complete real estate development services. Developing a project from its initial concept to build out and turnover to the owner/tenants has been the focal point of our business. Whether you are considering land development, residential, or commercial projects, Royal Management Services Inc. brings together the expertise to take your project, from start to finish.

We offer a single point of responsibility, providing a comprehensive reporting, tracking, and mortgage draw system, which allows the client to concentrate on core business operations.

Royal Management Services Inc. is proud to have played an integral role in the development of over 2 million square feet of commercial construction, numerous multi-family projects and servicing of hundreds of acres of land.

Predevelopment/Due Diligence

Proper project site assessment including data collection and interpretation can often take the risk out of many real estate projects. Predevelopment due diligence is a very critical part of the process in developing a new project.

  • Established tenant interest
  • Marketing program
  • Environmental/Geotechnical reporting
  • Real Property Report
  • Zoning
  • Establish access
  • Development Permit
  • Municipal servicing issues
  • Utility companies
  • Encroachment agreements/easements
  • Establish proforma/budgeting
  • Project schedule (seasonal)
  • Financing availability


As all projects are very important to the Owner, we provide an extensive reporting system to ensure our clients are up to date and aware of the project's stages. This includes items such as:

  • All meetings documented
  • Regular reporting to Owner
  • Monthly invoice approval
  • Budget monitoring/control
  • Contract changes/amendments
  • Project/job meeting minutes
  • Project close out documentation


In today's competitive world, pre-leasing is a 'must' for many new developments, and obtaining national tenants to allow developments to proceed is a primary focus of our services.

  • Develop and Implement leasing strategies
  • Solicit national tenants and/or their representatives
  • Leasing carried out in house or through outside agents


Through our network of contacts in the financial community we are able to assist Owners in obtaining financing by conventional and non- conventional sources.

  • Preparing financing packages for lenders
  • Interim financing via conventional/non-conventional sources
  • Monthly construction mortgage draws
  • Release of final mortgage draw
  • Take out financing to suit Owner long term goal

Construction Management

At Royal Management Services Inc., we pride ourselves in taking the stress out of construction for the Owner, ensuring the project is designed to meet the Owner's requirements and project budget.

  • Establishing a design team
  • Scope of Work to meet Owner/municipal requirements
  • Ensure cost effective design
  • Obtain municipal approvals
  • City Service Agreements
  • Pre-arranged reporting
  • Regular job site meetings
  • Design, build, or tender options
  • Resolve construction problems
  • Monitor contractor/timely completion
  • Material Testing
  • Approve contractor's progress draws
  • Project completion and turnover

Municipal Services Work

New project development can often involve the complicated business of servicing raw land. We pride ourselves in being able to offer this service to our clients as an option.

  • Coordinate consultants
  • Area structure plan
  • Zoning/Bylaws
  • Public consultation
  • Budgeting/Proforma for service work
  • Coordinating utility companies
  • Subdivisions
  • Utility Rights-of-Way/Easements
  • Municipal Service Agreements
  • Encroachment agreements
  • Supervise contractors
  • Pre-arranged reporting
  • Regular job site meetings
  • Resolve construction problems
  • Monitor contractor
  • Project completion and turnover

Project Completion/Turnover

One of the most difficult stages of any project is ensuring that all facets of the development have been properly finalized including turnover to the end user and obtaining final project funding.

  • Ensure timely completion
  • Final municipal approvals
  • Completion certificates/occupancy permits
  • Completion of deficiencies with contractor
  • Coordinate tenant occupancy
  • Coordinate tenant allowances
  • Transfer operations to building owner/managers
  • Provide close out documentation
  • Legal Survey
  • As Builts drawings
  • Operations & Maintenance Manuals